Erick + Maria – San Marcos Spring Lake Natural Area

I met Erick through photography earlier this year when I was photographing BTS for one of his projects – I was so excited when he reached out to book a photoshoot with his gorgeous girlfriend to commemorate a year of dating. They wanted to be out in nature, somewhere between San Antonio and Austin. I have to admit I haven’t photographed in San Marcos a whole lot this year due to COVID, and taking so much time off work, but when he reached out I went location scouting and found this gorgeous place. I was in love as soon as I drove up during golden hour! With the light hitting the water just right, all of the background options in one location and the fact that it was so peaceful and quiet – this location has become a favorite and I can’t wait til my next session here. Maria is seriously one of the sweetest woman I’ve met in Texas, works in the medical field and absolutely adores Erick. I love how you can see that in her eyes, with the way she looks at him! Erick works in the video and photography production industry in Austin, TX, and I love how he looks at and loves on Maria. They’re such a sweet couple, I truly wish them all the happiness in the world! 🙂

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