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Since 7 or 8 I have all these memories of my mom scrapbooking the family photos that she would take with disposable kodaks. I remember going to the local drugstore to get the photos developed, and I would always get so excited when she would give me a page to design from memories we created as a family.

Originally intending a career in the medical field, I found myself as a hobbyist photographer in 2008. By 2012 I had switched career majors, moved halfway across the US, became a boy mom, and began running my own company as a wedding and portrait photographer all in the same year. I specialize in the creative telling of love, unique individuality, and documenting life. I can't wait to meet you!

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I believe that the happiest of people are those who are seen, heard, and given the freedom to be loved and valued for exactly who they are, where ever they are in life.

I believe that genuinely connecting with my clients through conversation and the process of planning portrait experiences leads to authentic expression of themselves - through moments, emotions, and life stories that are cultivated creatively through portrait photography. 

And I value my clients not just as people who come to me for portraits, but as individuals who almost always become good friends. 

I believe in love, diversity, culture. every shape, size, color and experience.

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