Jeans, Dresses and/or Jeggings? OH my! What to wear for your Photoshoot

Jeans + Dresses and/or Jeggings? OH my! What to wear for your Photoshoot

So you’ve found a photographer who you absolutely love and admire. Their clients seem to always have this style where men look dapper and the women are always effortlessly modern and chic. But what about those of us that struggle with figuring out our style? Or even the ones that have a wardrobe that’s popping but can’t narrow down and feel confident in a final outfit choice? 

Enter Pinterest! A million searches later, and you browsing through all the color palettes, outfit ideas, locations, and then get sidetracked by that delicious all in-one-pan meal that you could totally make tonight for dinner. Am I right??  (gosh I love Pinterest, and I’m probably browsing recipes as you’re reading this!)

But girl. I’ve got you. While you are more than welcome to browse my Pinterest page for style and color ideas, let me help you narrow down your choices with my favorite what to wear tips.

#1 Plan ahead. I don’t mean for just the day of your photoshoot, I’m talking about after your amazing portrait session experience with your photographer. What post production products are you going to order after the session? Are you going to get a few prints and create a collage? Maybe a few canvases, or even one large canvas as a focal piece in your home? Think about where you’ll have your products and how they’ll look in that room. For example, if you have bright colors in your living room, you might want to choose outfit colors that coordinate but do not clash with the same color palate (because chances are, replacing your furniture to match your portraits is the more expensive option! 😉 ) Or maybe you have modern, neutral tones in your bedroom, and while you want your portraits to stand out, you want the colors to flow and feel dreamy. Complimentary color paletes will be your friend.

#2 Style. Style, but also think about comfort and clothing that flatters your body types.  Wear complimenting colors for your engagement shoot. When it comes to picking a particular style I always recommend going with classic looks over popular trends that die out quickly like when everyone was matchy-matchy with black shirts and khaki pants or white shirts and jeans, (Okay girl, you know I’m guilty too! But while matchy caaaan technically work, it’s time to switch things up and get chic!). Incorporate your favorite accessory, and tie everything together by planning a color scheme.

#3  What not to wear. This is a sensitive topic – and ultimately as a wedding and portrait photographer I want you to feel your dolled up best, whether that’s in trendy nike shoes for a swolemate themed session out at your favorite nature spot or 6 inch heels for that downtown glam + dapper vibe.  What you don’t want to wear is anything that you feel uncomfortable and awkward in. This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes in the excitement of planning we start to think about just what the outfits look like instead of how they make us feel. Be self aware – what outfits make you feel like a queen? Those are the ones you want to steer towards. You also may want to stay away from huge logos, bright neon colors, and clashing patterns (i.e. the guy wears a checked shirt and you’re wearing a floral dress).

#4. If you still have questions – don’t hesitate to ask your photographer! We’ve photographed thousands of people and created countless pieces of portrait art. We want you to look and feel your best, and are here to help you in the planning process with us! 

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