Meet your photographer – Sarah Jane

Hello lovely! I’m Sarah Jane. A Seattle-lite turned Texan (vintage 2012, ya’ll!) that started photographing portraits in 2008 while attending college in Portland, Oregon. I made my start in the photography while attending school to become a medical practitioner, was hired by friends and word of mouth referrals for portraits – and fell in love with the process of capturing people in their best light, telling love stories through photography, and creating portrait art to be shared for generations.

I was given the chance to photograph my first wedding in 2012 (pictured below with my HUGE old logo #whatwasIthinking).

Years down the road, my style has changed but I still love this portrait from Victoria and Roberto’s wedding. They were two 19 year old sweethearts who had been friends for years before becoming romantically involved. He treated her like a queen, and their relationship is very playful and sweet. One of the things that stood out to him when they were friends were how intense her blue eyes looked, and being able to capture that all in this photo was icing on the cake for me as a new wedding photographer in 2012.

I still remember all the wedding details, feeling uncertain in a foreign territory but also so excited at this new side of portraiture I hadn’t experienced yet. Feeling the pressure of capturing their day and telling their story from beginning to end, the moments I checked, double checked, and triple checked my camera screen to see and make sure everything was looking beautiful before any of it was edited, and how excited I was to be given the opportunity to serve in such a beautiful way.

Fast-forward to today, my editing and style of photography has evolved with skill, time, equipment and experience. I’ve been a wedding + portrait photographer full time for a couple years shy of a decade, and I ABSOLUTELY love that my job is to photograph and capture love stories. I want my brides to know how gorgeous they are to the world. For my clients to see themselves through personalized portrait photography that shows both their best side and also their personality and life story. This profession of mine will never get old. ♥