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Ted lives in Brownsville, TX but found me on Facebook and reached out to me to see if I was available to photograph him and his fiancé as he proposed to her downtown in San Antonio near the Friendship torch. There’s a popular bridge there that locals know, where mariachis play, and colorful umbrellas populate […]

Keisha and I met a few years ago when her family first moved to San Antonio, TX. Her family had flown in for the holidays and she came to me looking for advice on a location that would be very San Antonian to commemorate their move here, so we shot at the San Jose Mission, […]

I met Felisia and her family in 2017 here in San Antonio, TX – a mutual friend had suggested me as a photographer and after one shoot, we added each other on social media and became friends. Randomly sharing memes, facebook posts or photo ideas, and laughing at some of the craziness we’ve seen! haha […]

I met Erick through photography earlier this year when I was photographing BTS for one of his projects – I was so excited when he reached out to book a photoshoot with his gorgeous girlfriend to commemorate a year of dating. They wanted to be out in nature, somewhere between San Antonio and Austin. I […]

Something I love about photographing couples is that I get to see and feel the energy from couples around the world as they share their love stories with me. Deanne + Miguel reached out to me and were searching for a location that had country vibes without the buildings, fences and structures. They love trees, […]

Shereen and Vijay hosted their vivaha on the sky terrace of the The St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, TX. The luxurious hotel boasts of 13 event rooms, and is the former host to legends like John Wayne and Lucille Ball. Whether you want something intimate, or would like to host hundreds of guests, the […]

Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, Venues, Dj’s, Florists, the Officiant – there is a laundry list of people to search for, reach out to and secure for your date. And gorgeous, I get you – I’m ready to pour a glass of wine thinking about it too! Relax your shoulders and posture, and lets just get down […]

Some of the moments I absolutely live to capture are between a bride and a groom shortly after they’ve said yes. The hope, love and happiness. Their desire to give their best effort in every aspect. And their contentment to just be. Philip and Africa had an exclusive bexar county court house wedding in San […]

Top 10 mistakes Brides Often Make So you’ve read all the articles that give you a million pieces of advice on what to do, but how about some tips about what not to do, and what you need to make sure you don’t miss out on?? There are 10 mistakes I see brides making in […]

Jeans + Dresses and/or Jeggings? OH my! What to wear for your Photoshoot So you’ve found a photographer who you absolutely love and admire. Their clients seem to always have this style where men look dapper and the women are always effortlessly modern and chic. But what about those of us that struggle with figuring […]